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Business DNA consists of T.I.R. (Trust, Integrity and Respect)...
Business without T.I.R... is like society without future...
(Konstantinos Kounadis)

Welcome to Monte Nero Capital Markets Advisors

Monte Nero CMA offers a comprehensive range of international banking services to individual and corporate clients. If you have investment banking or offshore banking needs, Monte Nero CMA can help. Just click here and get in touch with us!

Our Mission

Monte Nero CMA provides corporate finance and advisory services for Exchanges, Public and non Public (private, growing, investable) Companies.

Based in Athens, Greece, the Monte Nero CMA Principal and Associates come from entrepreneurial, academic and finance backgrounds.

Our mission is to generate competitive returns through well selected investments in the CEEMEA region for the benefits of Exchanges, Companies and Investors.

  • Why should I choose Monte Nero Capital Markets Advisors? +

    At Monte-Nero we apply our strengths as a leading global investment and advisory firm to deliver solutions, unlock value and accelerate growth. Our strategic advice helps companies and governments stabilize, grow and thrive during these challenging times that Central and Eastern European markets are facing READ MORE

  • What Can Monte Nero Capital Markets Advisors do for me? +

    Our industry-specific knowledge enables us to recognize companies with strong potential, and provide them with strategic guidance and meaningful insight through every stage of development.

  • What Capital Markets does Monte Nero CMA specialize in? +

    Globally Monte-Nero represents the pathway to the US & European markets for both public and private companies in the micro-cap-small cap range READ MORE

  • How Can Monte Nero CMA find me invesotrs? +

    Our company will assist you in creating target lists, pitching meetings and setting up itineraries to meet with existing and potential analysts and investors, efficiently organizing management’s time. We help you create a geographically diversified investor base. READ MORE

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